CS Transition Group provides timely update to cancer surveillance community

In the June edition of the Collaborative Stage Transition Newsletter, the CS Transition Group set out to lessen the confusion within the surveillance community with respect to the imminent transition from Collaborative Stage. Even though the transition remains a work in progress, members of the CS Transition Group remain committed to working with stakeholders to develop appropriate implementation plans and processes. “As answers become available,” the authors write, “they will be shared and communicated to the surveillance community, and opportunities will be provided for members to identify issues and concerns.”


According to the newsletter, the initial change in 2016 for CDC and NCI registries “will be focused on the transition to directly assigned AJCC stage, but will not eliminate all CS variables.” For example, most of the Site Specific Factors (SSFs) will be required for the following reasons:

a)  SSFs are a crucial component to the staging process

b)  SSFs lend themselves to understanding the cancer (predictive or prognostic factors)


The initial transition, the authors continue, “will be focused on assignment of T, N, M and the AJCC stage group.”


To learn more about the transition from the Collaborative Staging v2 system to the AJCC staging standard, please read the June edition of the Collaborative Stage Transition Newsletter.